What You Should Know About Iran Funding


Hamas and Israel feud has been ongoing for a long time. It is the tension that led to the 50- day war that resulted in both countries losing lives and funds. During the war, Iran seems to support Hamas to ensure that they emerged victoriously. However, this did not stop there as Iran was also seen funding Hamas to help with the restoration and the rebuilding of their countries. It seems that there have been tens of millions of dollars transferred to Hamas for the reconstruction if tunnels that were destroyed by Israel during the war. This is to rebuild the country and ensuring that it gets back to its glory.

Iran is also doing funding on the new missile supplies which will aid in the restocking projectile weapons that were used in the war. They do this as it is essential to ensure that the country is protected against and violence. Without the weapons then Hamas will not be able to defend the country. Being vulnerable might lead to it being overtaken.

From the funding Hamas got, they manage to retain about 2,000 rockets and mortars. Though this is not close to the 10000 projectiles they had before the war, it is a starting point, and it might help in case of any sudden attacks. When a State is not protected, then the people living there will not have any peace or trust with the government. The military is using the funds to ensure that they protect the region as much as possible. You can also watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqcuA3j2qGA for more info about news.

During the war, the Israeli army destroyed about 32 attack tunnels that were located by the Israeli intelligence. The need for restoration of these tunnels are high, and this is the reason that Iran did the funding. Reports given is that Hamas and Iran’s officials have been meeting in Tehran. The relationship has grown strong after the Gaza war. Iran has been advising the officials on what to do and how to be prepared in case of anything. Check this product to know more!

This support has helped Hamas a lot during the war, and even after, you should note that not many States have appreciated the gesture. There are some who claim that because of the funding from Iran, Hamas destroyed a lot of property and killed many people in Israel. However, there are those who say that helping Hamas was necessary as the two can work towards bringing the region to civilization and ensuring they are also well protected. Be sure to check this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/mark-dubowitz for more info!


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